Wednesday, June 28, 2006

From Mr.M's Lecture

Last week, in my English class(ETM3) a teacher from a junior high school in Morioka, Mr. M, came and talked to us about working at a junior high school. I would like to give you some important information based on Mr. M's talk.

①We suddenly called 'Teacher!'
Now we are student.
But we will become teachers between our summer vacation.It's our study exercise to get a teacher's certificate.
We suddenly called we have to preparetion.
Mr.M's said the student often say 'Please tell me.' But we have to move more active.
And we keep smail,make many knowledge about many field.

②Teaching material
Make interesting lesson is very hard.So we have to study about teaching material.
How we manage to our talk shorter,move the students is important Mr,M's said.
Our teaching material is based on our lessons that we have givend before,now COMUNICATION is very important to make lessons.I want to make lessons all we speak English.

It is very happy to engage on student growth I think.
So we have to great motivation!
It is important to decide GOAL that 3year's span. We can do our best to get the goal Mr.M said. I think so to.
I am very looking forward to going my study exercise in summer, but very worry about too.
I don't have confidence about my privacy much less we have to be about my privacy much less we have to be model for students. But sometimes very important that play 'teacher'.

Mr.M's story is very interested for me.
Thank you very much!
And please write coments who read my blogs.
I want to change opinions eachi other!

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Steve Jang said...

Hello. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. I'm glad to see the future English teachers of Japan (such as yourself) doing their best while in training.

I would like to add a little bit of what I think is important to being a good teacher.

Be prepared! Every class is precious time for the students. A teacher should have all material for class prepared well before the class. That includes flash cards, pictures, handouts, and even what to say.

Speak English! Not just during class, but outside of class. Oftentimes, students come to the teacher's room for one reason or another. It's the perfect opportunity for an English teacher to make small talk with the students. So if a student comes to get some chalk, say "Tell me what color." Such a simple sentence can lead to some interesting responses.

Controlled activities. Pair work, group work, games, songs, etc. are all fine. But the teacher must always retain control of the class. And always keep the focus on learning English. If the teacher can see that the students remain focused on learning English during the activity, then it should be okay.

Thank you for your time.