Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new research question

I have not renewed this blog for a long time. Because I went to a school for handicapped children by my practice teaching for 3 weeks. It was very good experience for me! From now on I would like to prepare for my thesis abreast with studying of employment test for school teacher.

My new research question is "What are the roles of team teacihng in effective English teaching at elementary school?"

I am very interested in English teaching at elementary school. First I want to research about English teaching at elementary school.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My research question

New research question
Before I wrote "Can feelings be induced by music?"was my research question.
I wanted to research about something to reach my goal.

1, What kind of estimation of English class in elementary school?
2, What kind of teaching material are used for English class?
3, What kind of hearing materials are used for English class?

Synthesize 1~3
4, What efect on children's felling using music for English class.

Summary of bibliography
I read abook about estimition of English class in elementary school.

Mew about English Education in Japan

On February 19, 2004, the entry which said "an organization specialized in English in an elementary school in this status examination / Central Education Council" to the top of one Asahi Shimbun morning edition (Nagoya version) danced it.
To leading you "Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology decided to examine that taught English as a subject in an elementary school in earnest".
I receive instructions of a Kawamura department of humanities aspect showing the intention that is strong in realization, and there is it when I establish a group by an expert in a conference of the Central Council of Education which is a consultative body in next month and begin an argument.
Does English become a subject in an elementary school?…It is a matter attracting attention most now.
About English education of an elementary school, much verbal explanation has been developed till now.
Various comments are made about a change of an education measure over introduction of English education to a board school in particular, and a prediction and a proposal will come out about future development in various ways.
A basic stance of the writer for such a problem is to want to "think based on being really generated".
In other words the reason is because it thinks that reality is much richer than a human being thinking in reason.
It is from such a reason that I leave a symposium in Keio University performed in last December over "English education in a board school" and assumed that I "think about a subject from the present of elementary school English activity".
As a matter of course, there is innumberable reality of specific elementary school English and no matter how much struggled and cannot catch all.
However, a start of an argument wants to be always a fact of the classroom where a child and a teacher are concerned with reality.

I am very surprised at this article, because there are not clear estimation criterion. I have to research more.

How relate to my paper?
First I have to know the estimition criterion in some elementary school in Iwate. Fortunately almost elementary school in iwate do English class(90%).
Second Ihave to research "What kind of teaching material in English school?" I want to visit a school in fact.

Some point are seen that I have to do!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My research question

I want to study as my graduation thesis.

①Effect of the insertion question in school child's story sentence understanding
②Can feelings be induced by music?

But! I haven't made up mind yet which I have to select.
Because there are many field that I am interested in.

My dream is to be an elementary school teacher in Miyagi. Recently English class in elementary school is very attracted.
So I want to study about "How can I do to do a good English lesson as a teacher?"

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My goals

My goals.

Now I am 3rd grade student of college student. This spring I will be 4th grade student. So,I am doing job hunting now.
My dream is be a elementary school teacher,so I study about the examinations.
This is one of my goals.

My major is education(to be a school teacher),and English education.
Why I choose this course, I am interested in English classes. I think that understanding the foreigh culture is very important for us. So I want to study like that as my graduation thesis.

Effect of the insertion question in school child'sstory sentence understanding
Which understanding level is high in the story sentence and theexplanation?I want to investigate Moreover, does an understanding level English of children rise if what question is inserted?

Can feelings be induced by music?
I want to examine what effect students achieve by music and using thepower of settling down , the music at the study time. I want to examine Especially, how should I select music because it oftenuses music for English study time.

I should choose one. So I want to study about many things that I interested in.
This is my 2nd goals.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My lesson plan.

There was a class that introduced the teaching plan made the other day in my university today. I am very doubted that I thought about the teaching plan for the second grade of junior high-school.

IF was used for the grammar of the class. the sentence in the textbook is

please call me if you can go.

This is IF that shows the condition. However, when you tell the children IF has another meaning, for example

If I were you.

However, IF of this assumption is studied in the high school in Japan. How do you do in case whether it is necessary to record this difference in junior high school student's clearly?

Group work and Pair work

I want to speak the group work and the pair work today.
What are the advantage and the disadvantage though the group work and the pair work are multiused as an activity of the class of English?I want to think.

Merit of group work and pair work
・The student enthusiastically acts.
・Opinions each other can be exchanged.
・It is easy to say my idea.
・The concentration to the class increases.
・The understanding level of the class goes up.

Weak point of group work and pair work
・It is not possible to jump aboard by concentrating if the content of the activity cannot be understood.
・It matches it to other people's opinions.
・It becomes not connected.
・The classroom becomes annoying.

Correspondence prior of the teacher becomes and, anyway, correspondence after the fact becomes important. As prior correspondence, it clearly explains the content of the activity and the example is given if necessary. The content of the activity is reviewed as correspondence after the fact.

If I am an English teacher, I want to take the group work and the pair work to the class basing this merit and the weak point.

The merit point and weak point as an English teacher on me

The merit point as an English teacher.
It must be important that the class of English take especially communications, and the teacher must talk to the student willingly for that. I think that I can do it.

It is a good point in me the second point to draw the picture. I think that it can improve student's concern by lacking various pictures as a teaching material.

The third point is that I have the desire to learn very much. It is assigned to the English Language Education study course of the wish, and I want to study "How can I make a better class?" fast in the future.

The weak point as my English teacher is my character. The student's reaction seems to worry separately.

The second is that the experience of teaching it is a little. This will make me embarrassed when the teaching plan is made, and the class is advanced actually. It is necessary to see classes of the various teachers, and to increase the experience value more.

There is a practice teaching in the summer of this year. I am worried very much from now. It was assigned to M elementary school this year. It is thought that learn something important for me a lot as Mr. M says.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

From Mr.M's Lecture

Last week, in my English class(ETM3) a teacher from a junior high school in Morioka, Mr. M, came and talked to us about working at a junior high school. I would like to give you some important information based on Mr. M's talk.

①We suddenly called 'Teacher!'
Now we are student.
But we will become teachers between our summer vacation.It's our study exercise to get a teacher's certificate.
We suddenly called we have to preparetion.
Mr.M's said the student often say 'Please tell me.' But we have to move more active.
And we keep smail,make many knowledge about many field.

②Teaching material
Make interesting lesson is very hard.So we have to study about teaching material.
How we manage to our talk shorter,move the students is important Mr,M's said.
Our teaching material is based on our lessons that we have givend before,now COMUNICATION is very important to make lessons.I want to make lessons all we speak English.

It is very happy to engage on student growth I think.
So we have to great motivation!
It is important to decide GOAL that 3year's span. We can do our best to get the goal Mr.M said. I think so to.
I am very looking forward to going my study exercise in summer, but very worry about too.
I don't have confidence about my privacy much less we have to be about my privacy much less we have to be model for students. But sometimes very important that play 'teacher'.

Mr.M's story is very interested for me.
Thank you very much!
And please write coments who read my blogs.
I want to change opinions eachi other!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Impression from Fuzoku jy high school

① What was the goal of the class?
Class 1
Make the report of moai
Like a journalist they make areport about moai.
Class 2
Introduce their friend and family to other people.
They practice how to do Intoroduction.

②What activities did the students do to accomplish the goal?
Class 1
They write about they notice about moai.
If they didn't know about how to express they want to write,they can ask them teacher.
And read each other and repaired.
Class 2
The teacher lead the way.
③ What was the role of the teacher in this class?
Class 1
①Checked the point what they want to say.
②Use the accurate expression.
③Use correct grammar, for example past and present expression.
④Use dictionary accurate not to use diffcult wards ,because students can't make correct sentence.
⑤Use own wards, not to use jusu textbook's sentence.
Class 2
Use english.
④From watching the teacher and students, did you receive any hints or clues as to how to have a successful English class?
Class 1
Almost their work was writting,but I thought they could concentration all of class.
I think it is bacause of teacher's accurate progress of lesson.
And the last coment of teacher is very good.
I think so too that undestand of foreigh country is know own country.I was very impressed.